Buying Kinky Curly Half Wigs

Buying Kinky Curly Half Wigs

Everything You Need To Know About Afro Kinky Curly Wigs

We have found that the most affordable afro kinky curly wigs for women of color. Thanks, ladies for the most amazing 4a & 4b texture hair.

You’ve decided on the natural hairstyle you want and you’re ready to get started. Protective half wigs for natural hair are known to do just what they say – protect your locks. However, it is essential to keep your hair moisturized before and during the wear of your protective style to ensure the best results. Wearing your natural hair with our protective hairstyles can take the hassle of your normal routine and keep your hair safe from harsh elements. This article will cover all you need to know on how to protect your half style for textures 3a 3b 3c 4a 4b and 4c.


Before adding your natural hair extensions, be sure to braid your locks. If you’re not good at cornrows, using flat support braids will make a difference. These braids will help how your extension stays to your hair and keeps your hair in a protected state while wearing your style.

Finger Comb The Kinky Curly Half Wigs?

Synthetic hair generally has an extremely uniform curl pattern, which when left undisturbed looks very unnatural. To get the “natural” look, gently comb your fingers through the curls. For

stronger curls, you can pull the curls apart to had more volume. For looser curled kinky you may find that a paddle brush will help you distress the curls, leaving them to fall naturally.

Let Out Your Natural Hair So it can Blend Properly

Natural hair wigs  | unprocessed human hair are best worn with a little bit of your natural hair let out. This will give your locks a natural, voluminous hairstyle that looks like your own.

If you decide to keep your hair completely braided while wearing the protective style you can also wear a headband to cover the end of the cap.

Styling Your Leave Out

To get the best results for your half-wig protective style, you’ll want to style your leave out to match the extensions for the most natural look. Swoop it, crimp it, curl it, flip, or part it to completely cover the end of the cap. Doing so will make your style more complete and natural. 

Dull Down The Shine

When you first take your Kinky Curly Solutions extensions out, you’ll notice it is very shiny. To get a more natural look and dull the shine, take a small amount of plain cornstarch on your palms and comb your fingers through your cap. You may even use a paddle brush after applying the cornstarch to separate some of the curls to look more natural. 

Full Wigs of Half Wigs 

Depending on the level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to your protective style should determine if you should wear a half or full. Most full caps come ready-to-wear with pre-styles and cut. It’s the perfect go-to protective style that requires little maintenance. However, if you’re one to change your style frequently, you may find that full ones are limiting. With a half cap, you have the opportunity to allow some left out. The way you style your leave out can help dictate the style of your half wig. You can style your natural hair to be very curly or loosen the curls of your half wig to give your hair more body.

Wigs Can Have that “Fake” Look and Feel

If you’re new to full caps, you may be a bit apprehensive because you’re not only completely covering your natural hair but (without a natural closure) can look fake. Most women elect to use artificial bundles which can give a synthetic look. Thankfully the hair market has grown and human hair is available in full options as well. With half caps, you leave out parts of your natural hair. This can help give the illusion that the half wig is your real hair. – especially when parting your hair. 

Poor Application Can Cause Wigs to Fall Off Simply

It is a very general problem that might fall off at any opportunity and as an outcome, new-wearers tend to reject social occasions or going out in windy weather situations. Feeling that your locks are secure and safe is the best customer need and honest producers invest a big deal in security technology. Many ready-to-products provide internal silicone strips which provide extra staying power. Concealed miniature clips around the hairline also offer amazing security. Some producers even provide a full silicone base – for those with full hair loss – which makes a vacuum between the scalp and base, making the natural hair almost impossible to accidentally dislodge. Actually, with a silicone base, many wearers enjoy riding or swimming in an open top vehicle. 

Full Wigs Can Be Easily Detected

People all over have different approaches on how to wear and apply a full cap to make it look as natural as possible. When selecting a full cap, getting the right color match for your complexion is essential. Some ladies opt to get a cap 2 shades lighter than their own so it looks more realistic and less heavy. Others will choose the varying length to match their lifestyle and age – all factors in making your weft look more realistic. 

Human Hair Wigs That LOOK Unprocessed

Wearing a wig is more than just buying it and applying it immediately. There are ways to style your natural hair to minimize damage and make the most of your protective style. If you have a small afro or shaved, wearing a cap will be easy and won’t require anything but a deep condition before applying. We’ve listed a few techniques below on how to effectively style your natural hair to wear a one.


The most popular style to wear under a cap is cornrows. This style tends to be flatter than other styles and will keep your locks moisturized while wearing your protective hairstyle. It leaves access to the scalp which is ideal for half-leave outs. When cornrowing your hair, you will want to do your whole head, apply the cap and then undo the braids that are intended to be left out.

African American Hair Braiding

If your hair is short enough, you may be able to braid into small braids. They are not as flat as cornrows but will keep your weft intact while wearing your cap. It also permits for easy access to your scalp and roots so you can continue to moisturize your hair while wearing your protective style. You’ll want to keep your braids down with a cap. 

Twists or Flat Twists

Twists or Flat Twists are the easiest pre-cap styles you can do before applying your cap. While they are easier to get frizzy and tangled quicker than cornrows or braids, they are perfect for those who want to apply their quickly and don’t plan to have their on for an extended amount of time.

Helpful  Tips To Consider

  1. Never put a cap on the wet weft. This can lead to a breeding ground for bacteria and cause your natural hair to be susceptible to more damage.
  2. Wear a silk liner. This will minimize the friction on your natural hair and help you retain moisture.
  3. Clean and condition your scalp and regularly while wearing your cap. Your scalp and locks will need to be cleansed between your protective style wear. Doing so will prevent your hair from becoming brittle and damaged while wearing.
  4. When wearing, be sure to moisturize daily. Ideally, you’ll want to moisturize your extensions before bed. Sleep with a cap or satin cover to keep your weft looking fresher, longer.
  5. Our Kinky Curly Half cap is made to keep your protective style hold longer and look as natural as possible. Now that you have the DL on half caps, and how to wear African American wigs. Thanks for supporting kinky curly solutions.

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