Type 4 Hair: The Perfect Wash & Go

Type 4 Hair: The Perfect Wash & Go

Understanding Type 4 Natural Hair 

Hello Beautiful People! Is it possible make your hair go from kinky to curly. Yes, absolutely, however you can not change your curl pattern. So for instance you can not have 4a hair and think its going to change to 3b hair. What you can do is give your kinks a makeover and bring out the curl pattern you naturally have. This can be done two ways. With products or a style and set.

Products & More

It is hard to find the perfect product or right brand that works with your hair. Yes we know!  Everyone hair is different and unique and requires a different level of attention and care. However it is possible! There are so many different products you can mix and match in order to create that perfect combination to bring out your curl pattern. First it starts with finding the best shampoo for your hair. You do not want to shampoo too often as this will strip your hair and cause unnecessary dryness which will not bring out your curl pattern.

You want to get a shampoo that does not strip your hair of all its natural oils. Most people say avoid sulfate shampoos because they tend to dry your hair which is true but not all sulfate shampoos behave that way. There are some good ones out that still have some nourishing properties to them as the cleanse the hair. When shampooing focus on the scalp and not the hair shaft.  You can cleans the hair shaft with a conditioner. This method is called co-washing.

Washing & Moisturizing Your locks!

Now You want to find a good moisturizing conditioner. This is the most important part. Water is the best hydrater for our hair so it is best to do this next step while in the shower.  While your hair is soaking wet apply ample amount of conditioner to the hair. You want to let it sit on the hair for at least 4-5 minutes (even if it is not a deep conditioner) before rinsing it out. Water and conditioner hydrate the hair and take it out of its kinky state. With your hands in a praying like motion slide your hair through your palms to help the water flow through the hair rinsing all of the conditioner out. You do not want to use a comb at this point so make sure your hair is already detangled. At this point your curls should be defined and your hair still wet with ample of water.

Now for the products. The key is to use products to set your curl not make it. Your curls will naturally form and clump together while your hair is wet with the conditioner.  Once your curls are poppingyou wantto add product to keep them popping.  For tighter type 4 natural hair clip ins patterns the heavier the product the better. You want to coat the strands in a good moisturizing product or gel and let that set the curl. You can set your hair by letting it air dry or you can use a hooded dryers if you are in a rush or it is winter .

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