What Is The Loc Method & Best Products To Use?

What Is The Loc Method & Best Products To Use?

 Loc Method on Natural Hair?

The L.O.C method or Liquid Oil Cream method is a method for moisturizing hair. It contains wetting the hair with water-based product or water which your solution, protecting in the moisture with oil and then using a cream product to near the hair cuticle which stops moisture loss. 


Many ladies with natural hair have found fantastic success with this technique. It truly makes sense.

It is technically one of the top ideas to moisturize human hair when completed with the best products and in the correct order.

Let’s explore three reasons the LOC technique works to moisturize hair and how it jobs.

Water= Moisture

When it comes to moisturizing, it is no problem that including water as a liquid to your hair is going to hydrate and moisturize. The problem is retaining the moisture from water. And that is where the other two components of the L.O.C technique come into play.

Oil helps the hair grip on to water molecules

This is where the technique loses some people and for the best reason. It is real that water and oil don’t mix and if you are not using oil that penetrates the hair it is top to use your cream before your LOC or oil technique.

But certain natural oils can penetrate the hair bind and shaft with the hair internal protein or structure.  These oils are olive, coconut, and avocado oil.

The increase the hair capability to grip on to water molecules, Coconut oil is also saturated and polar oils and verified to support to decrease protein damage during each wash. This keeps the hair compelling and stops breakage.

Best Products To Use:

There is a lot of controversy as to what is the best cream. Some women consider their conditions cream or styling products. And this is perfect. Many of these products do have ingredients that will work as moisture sealants.

But it is vital that your cream is wetness. Your cream is this case should cover the hair parts or work as a sealant.

But let not get caught up on the word cream because that the top cream when it comes to this technique may or may not be creams at all. The objective of the cream component is to seal in moisture introduced from L & O.

How to Do the Loc Method for Natural Hair

The technique is so simple to incorporate into your routine because it entails using products you probably already own and merely changing in order in which you use them to your hair. If you would like to begin using the technique, then follow these simple steps below. Also, visit our page for curly sew-in extensions for natural hair.

Step One: Leave-in conditioner

L stands for liquid or leave-in, as both as used by curls to give the moisture that will be sealed in. We advised applying a moisturizing, water-based, leave-in conditioner to clean hair. Many ladies are also using water in a spray bottle for this step. Famous leave-ins in our community are Curls Curl Milkshake, Olin Handmade hair dew, Curly Junkie Beautiful curls hair conditioner and leave in, Curl Junkie Curl Assurance lotion,  and SheaMoisture style milk and curl.

Step two: oil

Next, use a thin layer of oil to your hair the support lock in the moisture. The oil you use will vary depending on the porosity of your hair.

Step three: Cream

The end step is to use a butter-based, creamy moisturizer to your hair to protect that moisture in. The cream can also give your curls with definition and grip, so select a styling cream that works for your hairstyle. If your curls need more grip than a creamy moisturizer can give, then feel free to finish up with your daily styling products to style your hair as usual. Some famous curls creams contain Qhemet Amla, Qhemet Burdock Root Butter, Olin Whipped Pudding, Olive Heavy Cream, and MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Crème.

Who should perform the LOC method?

The technique will work best for top porosity hair or hair that forever feels dry. Many kind four collies use it as our kinks and strands are typically extremely thirsty. Anyway, bear in mind that porosity will have a big job in whether or not this technique jobs for you.

No issue what your curl pattern is if your hair is chemically color or processed treated, then you likely have top porosity and fight with moisture maintenance. If you are short porosity curly and try this technique, you could run the danger of having hair that is oily and limp and experience a lot of product build up. If you try the method and find it weighs down your hair, then you may want to layer the items and wear your hair in a braid or bun for the day or overnight.

Do you do the loc method every day?

LOC is an acronym for oil, liquid, and cream. It is a three-step product application processed used to stick moisture into the hair by layering items in acronym order. The liquid thing serves as a basis for humidity. Oil is applied during the procedure as a way to fix the moisture into the hair. The 3rd and end step, cream, is used for styling and definition and can also be used to additional seal moisture into the hair.

What products should I use for each step?

Liquid: Leave-in conditioner, water, hydration spray, or curl refresher. Some select to also begin with newly washed hair and then proceed to use a cream and oil.

Oil: carrier oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and coconut oil are best. Carrier oils are advised because essential oils are too light to stick moisture into the hair. Essential oils also evaporate fast and are top used with a carrier oil to carry the oil into the skin and scalp. Some select to use natural butter like mango or shea butter for this step as well.

Cream: twist and define cream, curling cream, moisturizing cream, etc.

Should I use the LOC technique every day?

This is also a personal preference; anyway, the application of the technique depends on how much product is used regularly. The final thing you want is a ton of product buildup, which will stop other ingredients and products from penetrating the hair rightly for conditioning. In an attempt not to load your hair with too many weighty oils, and butter one option is to refresh hair with only cream and liquid to revamp braids-outs or twist-outs. This will obtain a few extra days out of your style before snowy day rolls around again. Don’t disregard to include a clarifying shampoo into your routine if you are using butter and heavy oils, especially with different applications between wash days. 

What are the advantages of the LOC technique?

Moisture retention is the best advantage of using the technique. Moisturized hair causes less problem because the hair is more flexible for manipulation, which in turn also means less shedding. Using products through the method permits your hair to remain moisturized for higher periods without the need to refresh the style. When it seems like your hair dries out after a single day, the technique can provide up to two or three days of hydrated hair is applied rightly.

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