The Dashiki Slays With Natural Hair!

The Dashiki Slays With Natural Hair!

Hello Beautiful People! There are so many fashionable summer trends that are popping this summer. One to pay special attention to is the dashiki. Once unfashionable is now the new craze. We can attribute this to our rejuvenated proudness of our heritage. There are many different kinds of African print patterns. The dashiki is just the most popular by name. But there are other prints like the Kente Print, Ankara Print, and the Affix print to name a few. Some may call the dashiki shirt a “trend” or the new “it-item”, however this print has been popular amongst black communities around the world for decades. For many people, the dashiki represents a deep cultural connection with the African continent and a joint declaration of pride for our roots. Ironically, it should be noted that a majority of dashiki-style clothes that are sold on the market today are primarily made in Asia. SAY WHAT lets take back our business Lets reroute it back to our homeland.

With that being said. it only makes sense the the African print, tribal attire and Dashikis add a certain pizzaz, attitude, and flare to those who are proud to rock their natural hair weave also. They compliment each other very well and once you put it on and let that hair out your attitude changes and you feel just a tad bit more proud and confident than you did a few minutes ago! There are African print shirts, skirts, my favorite are the Cadillac skirts, those are the long high waisted skirts that flare out towards the bottom. There are even several styles of dresses that are in style. This style is not exclusively for women, men are rocking the dashiki and their fro as well.

Big hair looks best with this style of attire. I would suggest doing a braid out, twist outs, or picking out your fro. If you have locs then updos are perfect go to styles!

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