Self Love not HATE

Self Love not HATE

Self Love: Dealing with Hair Texture And African American Skin Care 

Okay whats up beautiful people!  So many African American woman included either has or currently are struggling with self image. For the sake of this post I am going to speak directly about hair texture and skin completion.

First is hair. Hair texture is one of the most common things women want to change about themselves. I’m not talking about all women I am speaking in general about those who struggle or wish their texture was different.  If its straight you want curly, If its curly you want it straight, If its Kinky you will wish for a looser texture, its either too thick or too thin. You can have a head full of hair but now its in your nose and chin. This used to be me all the time with my hair. I have tight 4b 4c hair type and I longed for a texture that was looser. I spent hundreds of dollars on products that claim to work miracles and change the texture. What a hole in my pocket. Im going to list a few things you can do to help you fall in love with your texture. Doing these things will not only help you accept your curl pattern/density but it will help you find the best products and regimens to make your texture pop the best way it can as long as you have realistic expectations.

  1. STOP stalking hair pictures that dont resemble your hair. Try to find hair inspiration or inspirational pictures that resemble your texture and thickness. Follow people on Instagram that have similar patterns as yours and use them for a learning guide. I like to find other type 4 naturals that have longer hair than me and see what they are doing to retain length ect Find out what their favorite hair products and regimens are and tweek them to fit your hair. Don’t bother looking at ladies with 3b hair when yours is 4b (im guilty of doing this all the time).
  2. Have realistic expectations for products. Stay away from products that claim to change your hair pattern. THEY DONT WORK unless its a perm or a texturizer, those do work! Look for products that have elongation factors (these tend to be heavier products and gels for tighter hair and lighter products for looser hair ) and good moisturizing properties as these will make your curls pop and help bring out the curl patter you have but they will not change it.
  3. Set realistic expectations for growth and thickness. Your hair might only grow 1/4th an inch every month and someone else might get almost a full inch each month. That’s due to genetics and you can not make your hair grow faster although you can stunt your growth so keep your scalp clean and have a healthy diet. Just make sure you are retaining the growth you do have and be patient.

Secondly I am loving this whole “Black Girl Magic” movement.  There are some of us who subconsciously struggle with our skin pigmentation. With the embracing of our natural hair came the acceptance of our pigmented skin. Before there was the light brown paper bag ideology. The lighter the prettier but now we are LOVING our melanin and the more the better!

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