How Can Shea Butter Help Grow Your Natural Hair

Shea butter comes from the Shea tree and is an ivory or yellowish colored natural fat. It has been extracted from the seed of the African shea tree. Some persons called this tree by its French name “Karitee tree” which means the tree of life due to its healing features. The main 2 fats of shea butter are stearic and oleic acid. In its pure raw state, raw shea butter has been applied in Africa for candle-making, cooking oil, and arthritis. It also stops dry skin and definitely, it has been used for hair dressing as its gets absorbed fast without leaving any residue. She butter melts at body temperature.

Does shea butter help hair growth?

Studies have discovered that SB has anti-provocative features, but how can this product support hair grow quicker?By decreasing inflammation, shea butter supports to make younger hair follicles, providing an amazing environment for fit hair improvement. The ingredients in hair items range from the raw substance to extraction of fatty acids. Both types are derived from a natural source, which is a sign of best standard for most cosmetics.

Through the promotion of fit hair growth can support to decrease hair breakage, split ends and better the shine and bounce of your locks.

Reasons to use :

  • It gives moisture to dry and destroyed skin and hair.
  • Capable to soften and smooth afro hair strands
  • It repairs natural crack and itchy skin.
  • It helps if you have scalp problems: e.g. dermatitis, eczema, or dandruff
  • It does not cause buildup
  • Protection against weather damage
  • Saves your hair getting warm damage
  • It acts like a shield to save your skin and hair against sunlight
  • Anti-aging features
  • Can be applied as baby care product

How Can I use Shea Butter In My Hair?

SB is naturally-derived item that is made from the nuts of the karate tree. This is a tree that normally grows in western and eastern Africa. Shea butter is largely used in cosmetic and hair care. It smells amazing and it has moisturizing features that are not overly greasy or hard to wash out, should you get some on your hands or face.

There are also many other advantages of using natures cream for health regiment and beauty.

Why should you select Shea butter for your hair?  

Your hair has many advantages, not just is a container of bottle of SB affordable, one jar can last you for several weeks as you just need to use a lowest amount after each hair wash. It has a light crazy smell to it. As the bottle gets older, it will drop most of its aroma, but will still be best to apply. Many persons who have problems to scents and fragrances that are included to store-brought hair conditioners will value how they will be capable to breathe easier with the natural light smell of it.

Besides scent and cost, this item also has some very good moisturizing features that for this reason many call “mother nature conditioner”.

This product can also support to better moisture to dry scalp, treat dandruff, and give moisture on dry that that has been colored, relaxed, or heat-treated. Most likely once you start using it on your skin and hair, you will soon find many others uses for it.

How to use Shea butter for hair

Using this product for your hair is very simple. Since it comes in a strong form, it will need to be melded first. You can melt in a twin broiler over boiling water, or you can melt it for a few moments in the microwave. Let it chill to a best temperature before torching it with your fingers.

You can then use a little amount of the product onto your scalp over your hair and massage it in with a round motion. Use only droplets a time, ad you don’t want to weight your hair down. You can reject the scalp area and just do your hair if you don’t suffer dandruff or dry scalp.

SB is a remarkable way to give natural moisture to make softer wrinkled dry hair. It is also remarkable for when you have allergies, so make your own conditioner recipes with ingredients that are secure for your skin.

How Can I Make My Own Shea Butter?

Shea butter is largely famous for its healing properties. While it has been used for millennia by native cultures for soothing and healing destroyed ski, its beneficial properties have been increasingly recognized by skin care and dermatologists experts, and it is now used as initial ingredient in many cosmetic and skin care products. 


Melt SB on the steam using a twin pot. Add some water in a larger pot, let the water boil and add the smaller pot with it above the steam. Include base oils and essential oils and combine it.

Right choice of base and essential oils depends on:

  • Focused objective of SB cream (eczema, stretch marks, dry skin, wrinkles)
  • Scent preference

Vital thing is not to overheat any other item. The only reason to warm it to melt it so you can simply blend it with other oils. Never heat it above 175F. Include essential oils when temperature reduces at lowest possible level on which you can still combine it. If you don’t plan to make whipped cream, you can combine it by hand. Need to combine it with electric mixer.

Probably the most vital thing when making homemade cream is standard of ingredients. For top effect, forever select unrefined oils and butters.

Regarding standard and features of ingredients, I only try keep fix ration of total butter part 4/5 and full base part 1/5 in recipes. I favor little ratio of base oils cause I personally like less oily cream even if you are pretty bit harder. Regarding essential oil add five drops of it on 1oz of total fat with outcome in about one perfect dilatation which is perfect even if you are pregnant.

Regarding full standard, be aware that these homemade recipes don’t have any preservatives. So, don’t make more cream that you can apply in few months.

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