Protective Natural Hair Styles For 2017

African-American ladies are blessed with thick dense hair that can be perfectly shaped into breathtaking hairstyles. Anyway, natural brittleness and dryness of kinky hair is the other side of the medal that needs unique care. Protective natural hairstyles aim to restrict the stress of atmosphere factors on natural hair. Here we are going to share best yet very showy protective hairstyles.


Cornrows :

Cornrows job for little relaxed hair and natural hair that needs to be protected and extended. A fast trip to a salon will leave you feeling remarkable and confident in days to come.

Go classic with a bun

Go classic with a bun, if your hair is perfect you can forever bits and pieces your bun with braiding hair for additional fullness.

Roll and tuck

Try a roll and tuck. Deep-piece of your best side, and roll your curls uphill all the way around. Freely secure with bobby pins for a stunning touch.

Chunky twists

Chunky twists are the best style of you looking for a relatively fast, voluminous look. And if you truly crunched for time, you can install these crotchet braids as well.

Faux locs

If you forever wanted to try locs but have commitment problems, this style might be your top bet. While they do a take a long time to install, this appearance can be kept in for about 3 months.

Goddess locs

Want to play up your faux locks? Include some wavy or curly hair to the ends for this remarkable look.

Box braids

If you are a follower of “Poetic Justice” then you have probably been rocking this style since the 90s. But if you have not tried out box braids, fall is the best time to break out this appearance.

Crochet braids

Crotchet braids are a remarkable style for anyone who wants to save their natural hair, but does not want to say goodbye to their curls. This look is equal to getting a old weave completed, except you would not be using threat to link the hair, you will instead be knotting it around the foundation of  your cornrows underneath.

Bantu knots

Bantu knots are relatively simple to perform on your own hair! You can make this style fresh out shower, and once you take them out, you will have a head complete of curls – the best 2 for one deal. We’ve made a new blog about maintaining your natural hair in 2017.

Ombre braids

Susy is the brains behind Queen Beys side-swept ombre Braids. Try your own edition of ombre or multicolored braids for a remarkable twist to your braids current winter.

Remixed box braids

Remix your box braids current year with extra daring colors and length. The better to whip it back and forth! This natural style uses Jumbo/Kanekalon Braid hair.

Parted Marley Braids

Where is the weave? Between the Marley hair and the visible parts, these twists look like they are coming right out of her scalp. This look is one of the most remarkable protective style!

Havana twists

Havana hair extensions must use for these twists are made with 2 strands (rather than 3 with braids and cornrows) if you want fuller and bigger twists, you use lowest tension. If you need thinner twists, you pull them stronger.

Simple to wear but more costly than other twist-styles, these will need quite a bit of maintenance and preplanning, something you will actually need to bear in mind.

Ghana Braids

An African style of wearing your hair just as the title advises, Ghana braids are long-lasting braids, providing a way for you to have remarkable hair when time just is not on your side.

These ones have easily been braided back and left loose at the nape of the neck at which area, you could simply bun them up or wear them in a little tail.

Twists with a pop of color

We loved the side-swept nature of this bigger twists, and we also love the red shade running through them too, another amazing way of revamping a look you may have worn a 1000 times before but making it look a pretty different.

You could replace your color every time you head to your stylish, and you could even include multiple colors if you wanted to.

Custom wig

Definitely, you could just all-out cheat and opt for a custom wig to correct your look. We love this one, a curly and cute style with just the best amount of caramel bronde running through for included measure.

Double halo braid

We respected this double halo braid, fit for an angle definitely! What we love the most about it is that strong pop of bright red running via the braids!

Why not include a slightly subtle pop of colors to your twists and braids? It helps you to stand out from the crowd and let’s face it, who wants to appear like everyone else anyway?

Short twists

Hair accessories are an extremely large thing for right now and we are 1000 percent in love with these lovely corn row cuffs, or hair cuffs as they are otherwise known.

Include them to your regular twists or cornrows to accessory just like you would with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other kinds of jewellery.

Short braids

Only because you have length does not mean you need to have length. The weight of all that hair causes problem and tension on your scalp and can destroy the follicles so from time to time, go a pretty shorter than you generally would.

These short braids are super remarkable and still incorporate a lovely braided look along with regularly little length.

Rope twists

The rope twists look like rope, thus the name, and again you will need to get the focus right to make sure these twists look the same all over.

Large, side swept box braids

Box braids are super remarkable when you are looking for a best protective style as well as providing you the chance to include some top length to your own hair, you can make some little stunning look out of them too!

Just keep in mind the longer your weave, the heavier it will be and the more tension and stress it will be putting on your scalp. Longer does not forever mean better. Provide your hair a break from time to time. If you like our website please be sure to consider Brazilian Hair Bundles if your looking to save on quality Afro Kinky Human Hair.