How To Get Brazilian Straight Hair

How To Get Brazilian Straight Hair

Accessing The Brazilian Blowout On Natural Hair 

If you’re looking to soften your hair texture or make your hair easier to secure, you may want to consider the Brazilian blowout for your next hair treatment. Brazilian blowouts are becoming more popular, and a lot of naturals have questions when determining if a Brazilian blowout is for them. We’ve listed some of the reasons we love it, some advantages and disadvantages of this hair treatment.

Why to have this treatment?

The goal of a Brazilian blowout is to provide you with shinier, smoother, and more manageable hair. Especially during the summer season when humidity and warm weather can affect the standard of your hair. Although chemicals are applied in this treatment, your hair will still be natural and able to take heat styles.

How does this treatment work?
The treatment is designed to provide your hair with a protective coating that seals in moisture that smoothes hair cuticles to reduce frizz and maintain shine. To get the best results from this treatment, you should have it done on clean hair. You’ll want to make sure your hair is free of any previous products when adding the protective product. After the products are applied, blow dryers and flat irons are used to make your hair smooth, straightened, and silky.

Brazilian Blowout Aftercare

After your Brazilian blowout is complete, you’ll need to perform some aftercare steps to ensure your hair stays healthy after treatment. Acai products are perfect for hair that’s had a Brazilian blowout treatment. It will help keep the look lasting longer and help seal moisture in.

Many experts suggest that you stop using items on your hair which have Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. This chemical counteracts the products used for the Brazilian blowout and can ruin your hair when these two are introduced. You’ll want to use sulfate free products only on your hair after this treatment. 

Brazilian Straight Hair

How long does a Brazilian Straight Hair Last?

On average, your blowout treatment will last 3-4 months depending on your hair type, but its capability to stay straight is based on your maintenance. If you continuously shampoo your hair after a Brazilian blowout, you have the potential to strip it and cause it to be dry. Instead, you’ll want to add light oil serums to your hair in between washes and use sulfate free or all-natural shampoos to wash your hair.

Advantages of Brazilian Blowout

Amazing for Tougher Hair
Naturals fight all day with trying to tame their tresses. Brazilian blowouts can make hair management easy and spend less time combing and detangling. The added protein in the treatment increases the strength of your hair, making it easy to style and take heat styles.

It Is Not Permanent
The great thing about Brazilian Blowouts is they aren’t permanent. After several washes, your curl pattern will slowly start to return. After a deep condition, you should be back to a relaxed curl look.

Can Be Completed Quickly
Unlike other all-day hairstyles, the Brazilian Blowout is a reasonably quick hair treatment. Most salon customers can complete the service in 60-90 minutes. This is ideal for ladies who want the straight look but don’t want to sit in the salon all day to get it. 

Disadvantages of Brazilian Blowout

Although the Brazilian blowout can be quickly applied, it certainly isn’t cheap. Some blowouts can cost as much as $300 to use. You may also find the products to maintain the hair are pretty costly as well. 

Although a Brazilian blowout can lessen the burden of managing your hair, it still requires care to upkeep the style, so you don’t damage your hand or have to spend extra money to repair it. Over time it can be costly. If you want to maintain the look for a long time, you’ll have to keep up your salon appointments.

Application of Chemicals
If your goal is to stay completely natural, you may want to stray away from a Brazilian blowout. There are proteins and chemicals added to your hair to help with processing. Women will want to check with their dermatologist to make sure their scalp healthy enough for this chemical.

If you want to learn how to style your hair without chemicals, check out our blog post on straight natural hair.

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