How To Maintain 4A & 4B Hair Effectively

Afro Kinky Curly Hair – 4a and 4b weave!

With 4a/4b hair it can be challenging to find an easy prep and daily grooming routine that will keep your hair healthy and moisturized. Most busy women resort to protective styles and other up-dos to save themselves the headaches of an everyday routine. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tips to share with you that we hope will help keeping up with your 4a/4b hair easier.


Conditioning is one of the most important processes in keeping up your 4a/4b hair. Type 4a hair requires constant conditioning, not just after washing when wet but also between washing as part of a regular, healthy hair care routine. After washing, apply a conditioner that is oil or cream based for best results. Depending on your hair porosity, you may require conditioners that are more light or more dense. Between every 4-5 washes, you’ll want to use a protein condition to repair your hair if it has more damage than usual. Otherwise, apply your regular conditioner. Moisture conditioners should be used more regularly than protein conditioner. Protein conditioners should be used for deep conditions and hair repair. Once your conditioning is completed, you may want to consider applying a simple and natural protective hair style to lock in the moisture for a long period without exposure to the elements.

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Daily Grooming:

Everyday grooming requires special care to keep your locks from damaging. Try to dedicate 15-30 minutes to your daily routine. You should work with your locks in gathered little sections. As you apply the product, start at the end and work up towards the roots. A big, wide tooth comb should be applied. Avoid brushing in your daily routine as much as possible. It can stress out your curls and make you more susceptible to snapping and breakage.



Understanding how to apply and use shampoo is a big part of keeping your locks healthy. Before washing, you should pre-poo your hair to ready it for shampoo. This will help minimize breakage. Work the conditioner from the tips to your roots and use a big, wide tooth comb to work through the tangles. Once your locks are detangled, rinse the pre-poo conditioner and apply shampoo. Apply a quarter size amount and massage it in from the roots to the ends; focusing on the scalp rather the hair itself.

When selecting shampoos avoid those that contain sulfates. Organic or all natural products are ideal.

Protective Styles:

3c 4a 4b 4c hair extensions 4B has a tighter curl pattern, with coily and curly textures. Daily routine is essential in keeping your healthy. When one does not follow a best care regimen, you may have more frizz than defined curls and may take twice the work to repair. To give your hair some downtime, a protective style is the way to go. We offer 4a/4b extensions that look and feel of your natural curl pattern.

KCS products are versatile and ranges from being wavy to coily to coarse and it is tightly packed and coiled. This product will not shrink more than 75 percent of its length and the coils are designed to hold well-altered styles longer. To style your weft to match our kinky curly clip ins, opt for lightweight styling gels and butters and apply while your hair is damp. This will provide it more defined look to blend seamlessly with your clip ins. To maintain your clip ins style, pre-poo is advised as well as the LOC (Lotion, Oil, Conditioner) techniques to make sure your locks and clip ins coils remain moisturized. When drying hair after washing, use a microfiber t-shirt rather than a towel to minimize frizz. 

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