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How To Maintain 4A & 4B Afro Kinky Hair In 2018

With 4a/4b hair it can be challenging to find an easy prep and daily grooming routine that will keep your hair healthy and moisturized. Most women resort to afro kinky curly bundles by my natural hair extensions or chosing to get up-dos to save themselves the headaches of an everyday routine. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tips to share with you that we hope will help keeping up with your 4a/4b hair easier.

The Regimen For 4a & 4B Types



It is so important to condition the hair! This is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the health of natural type 4 hair. But before i go into further details about conditioning w am going to talk briefly about how to choose the right shampoo. If you have type 4 natural hair that you hair naturally soaks up moisture and yet still tends to feel dry and brittle at times. Your choice of shampoo can have a lot to do with that. Shampoo’s main job is to strip and cleans the hair. Some shampoos do their job too well and can trip the hair of all its natural oils, open the cuticle and stip the hair of its internal moisture as well. To prevent this from happening we recommend a no suds shampoo or a sulfate free shampoo. You hair will still come clean without over-drying it. If you still wish to use suds or shampoos with sulfates we recommend applying the shampoo directly to the scalp and try avoiding the hair shaft as much as possible to get rid of product build up.


Conditioners are great when it comes to adding moisture and life back into the hair shaft after a cleanse. We actually recommend washing your hai with a conditioner instead of a shampoo if you do not have extensive product build up. This method is called co-washing and is quite popular among naturals of all hair textures and types. A great conditioner adds strength and elasticity to you hair shaft making each strand stronger and healthier and harder to break.  4a 4b hairBetween every 4-5 washes, you’ll want to use a protein conditioner or a deep treatment mask to repair your hair if it has more damage than usual. Otherwise, apply your regular conditioner. Leave in Moisturizers are another great way to condition your hair. Protein conditioners should be used for deep conditions and hair repair. Once your conditioning is completed, you may want to consider applying a simple and natural protective hair style to lock in the moisture for a long period without exposure to the natural elements. 

 4a 4b natural hair

3.Daily Grooming:

Everyday grooming requires special care to keep your locks from damaging. Try to dedicate 15-30 minutes to your daily routine. You should work with your locks in gathered little sections. As you apply the product, start at the end and work up towards the roots. A big, wide tooth comb should be applied. Avoid brushing in your daily routine as much as possible. It can stress out your hair and make you more susceptible to snapping and breakage.


4.Protective Styles:

4a 4b clip insProtective styling is another game changing element when it comes to taking care of 4a 4b hair. The oldest part of you hair is the ends. They tend to be the weakest and most prone to breakage. Low manipulation is ideal when trying to grow and maintain type 4 hair.  Tucking away your ends with a protective style will ensure they stay healthy and attached allowing you hair to reach longer lengths. We offer many styles and textures to help you achieve the best protective hair style. The most popular is our wig line however you can try our bundles with the matching closure for a more complete and permanent look. 


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