How Can I Make My Natural Hair Grow Faster?

How Can I Make My Natural Hair Grow Faster?

Every natural growing their hair out wants it to happen as fast as possible. Most know it doesn’t happen overnight. However, there are steps you can take to ensure your hair is in the optimum shape to grow.

We’ve listed a few key tips to make your hair healthy. Consistent hair growth starts with your routine and self-care. Check out our list below.

No Bad Shampoo and Conditioner

Reading the labels of your hair products should be the first place your start to help get your hair ready for steady and healthy growth. Bad shampoos and conditioners can actually strip your hair and make your scalp and irritated. If the scalp isn’t able to provide a solid foundation for the root of your hair, it will disrupt growth and clog your follicles. Harsh chemicals such as sulfate and alcohol, typically found in shampoos and conditioners, can make natural hair dry and more prone to breakage. Using all-natural products or those with no artificial products are best for keeping your natural hair healthy. Oils and creams are excellent products to use for your day to day routine and while deep conditioning. Your routine is everything and this starts with choosing good products for your hair.

Taking vitamins

As mentioned above, growing your hair isn’t just about maintaining your hair but it involves full-health care as well. Vitamins can aid your hair growth by making up for your dietary deficiencies. Vitamins like E and A can help improve your skin and promote healthier hair and nails. Oils like Omega and Biotin 3 fatty acids can help with the shine and luster of your hair. Taking vitamins daily along with drinking the daily recommended amount of water. These small and easy steps can make all the difference to your hair growth. Learn more about vitamin health.

Scalp Massage

Massage your scalp regularly to improve your scalp blood circulation. Circulation is vital to making your scalp healthy and promote hair growth. Massage your scalp gently for five to ten minutes in a circular motion with natural


Natural hair has a tendency to become fragile and dry. This makes curly hair more susceptible to damage, which is why your hair doesn’t grow. It is vital to moisturize your hair regularly to seal in moisture. Moisturizing does not make hair grow quicker but it does help retain the length of the hair.

Protective and Low-Manipulation Hairstyles

Low-manipulation and protective hairstyles save your hair from the harsh elements and damage from everyday styling. Examples of protective hairstyles include wigs, weaves and braids check out our blog about protective styles. Low manipulation hairstyles require as little styling and teasing as possible braid-outs, twist, and buns. Low-manipulation and protective hair help to stop damage to your ends and gives your hair a break to allow it to grow.

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