Hair Length Goals: Protective styling 101

Hair Length Goals: Protective styling 101

What is going on Beautiful People? So today’s topic is hair goals and length retention. What are your goals for your hair? Is it shoulder length, armpit length, maybe even waist length hair? If you do not have hair goals, you should set some. Creating length retention goal or hair goals, in general, allows you to personally challenge yourself into creating the best version of your hair. It will enable you to learn your hair, what it likes, and what it hates, remember not all products work the same for everyone. It gives you a sense of how your hair is growing and at what rate it becomes. Creating hair goals also gives you something to strive for, resulting in more protective styling and overall healthy hair. It teaches you to be patient and gentle with your hair. There are several different styles you can do to protect your ends, retain length, and create volume with your hair.

One of the most popular styles is the mini twist. This is where you take small sections and make two strand twists throughout your hair. Moisturize each section with a good leave in conditioner, hair cream and some kind of oil like olive oil or coconut oil. This style resembles kinky twist without the added extensions.
First make sure your hair is moisturized. Then you can make one large braid around the perimeter of your hair, or you can make a part down the center and make two large braids starting from the region and have them connect by overlapping each other in the back to give the allusion of one large braid.  You can get creative here also by adding extensions or mini braids to make your halo pop.

Crochet hair is another popular protective style. The styling possibilities with this method are endless. Crochet styles are where you braid all of your hair down and take a crotchet latch hook and add hair to your braids. This is one of my favorite methods because there is no tension on the hair from the extensions and your ends are tucked away. The takedown process is easy also. There are lots of unique techniques on how to crochet hair on youtube.

Buns are always great protective styles. Just be sure to moisturize those ends and try not to pull the ponytail to tight as this might aid in breakage.

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