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How To Properly Install Our Products
  • Find a professional stylish with a remarkable rep. if you select a new stylish, select one who is knowledgeable about rightly installing extensions, and who knows the significance of keeping your hair fit underneath the install. Don’t go for the affordable person merely because they are cheapest.  
  • Do ensure that any braids used for the install are not too installed too strongly. With a braid wig, the creator should ensure that the foundation is braided safe, but you should not feel any hurt once it is in position. With individual weaves, some braiders like braid strongly beginning from the scalp. This is the definite way of experiencing hair loss. The place where the extensions primary meets the scalp should be safe but should not be pulled taut. You could destroy the hair follicles, and finish up with traction alopecia. This is a term for loss hair that is linked with hairdos that are too strongly pulled ripping your hair out from roots and destroying the follicles.
  • Glue may seem like a remarkable option due to its capability to permit you to place hair extension tracks close to your scalp, resulting in hair that looks like it is rising from your scalp. The issue is that the glue is one of the largest culprits in hair loss for women. Glue can stick to your scalp and hair, and you could end up ripping out your own hair in additional to the hair weave. The chemicals in some glues may destroy your scalp and hair both.
  • Without moisturizing or cleansing, the hair will become weak and eventually damage fully. Deep condition your hair prior to installation so that your hair is its healthiest and strongest. Moisturize your natural hair daily with natural moisturizing and emollients conditioners while it is weaved up. Ensure to save your hair at night with bonnets or silk scarves.
  • If your hair is destroyed and weak, don’t install the extensions until you can better its condition. Don’t keep your hair extensions in for longer than 3 months, less if your hair grows quick or if it is very thick. Keep extensions in for too long outcomes in breakage, tangling, and matting.
  • Use the top standard hair that you can afford. Affordable hair is often made of filter that can cause allergic reactions in those with responsive skin. As you can view, there are several options for adding a volume, length and excellence to your hair via hair extensions.
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