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The Break Down of Coily Hair Vs Curly Hair for 2017

Is your hair curly, or is your hair coily? Do you know the difference? In this blog post i will discuss the difference between the two and by the end you will be able to tell if you have curly or coily hair. OH Shameless plug: we also offer extensions that will blend and compliment both textures! Check out our Kinky Curly products.

What Is Curly Hair? What is Coily Hair?

One mistake that naturals make when determining if their hair is curly or coily is that they believe that it is an either or thing when in actuallity you may have both curly and coily hair.

Curly hair consists of ringlets that form a barrel or cylinder shape naturally with little effort. Every turn or bed of the hair will elongate the curl. Curly hair is typically very bouncy and does not curl upon itself.  When determining rather your hair is curly or coily thickness, density and courseness play very little rolls. There are patterns that will relate course hair to coily hair and vice versa but the two are not directly related. You can have course thick curly hair or course thick coily hair.  Coily hair has tight ringlets that curl around and on top of each other.  This curl pattern requires effort to create the barrel curl and will often have a large amount of shrinkage due to the curls winding around each other. 

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Product recommendations for coily hair vs curly hair:

Curly Hair tends to require less work to define the curls. With that being said we recommend products that are light and airy without heavy oils. Light water based oils like coconut oil and glycerin are great ingrediants in a leave in or curl cream for those who have curly hair. Spray leave in conditioners are also good alternatives to curl creams and oils. Heavier products tend to make curly hair look thinner by weighing down the hair.

For those who have coily hair we recommend just the exact opposite. Coily hair likes to curl and wrap around itself so a heavy curl cream or leave in conditioner works best to help the barrel of the curl form and look more defined. It will also help to elongate the curl pattern. Heavier oils are those like olive oil. almond oil, shea butter to name a few.

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Knowing the difference between the two curl patterns will help you find products that best benifit the health and longevity of your hair. Feel you hair. Does it feel dry, brittle, or damage? If so it may be time to reevaluate the curl products you are using.