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The Break Down of Coily Hair Vs Curly Hair for 2017

Curly or coily that is the question? Your curly hair is poppin’ on day one and by the end of the week, your frizz has evolved into a knot monster. Knowing if you have curly or coily is one of the basics to get down to help you find the right products for you hair. Most naturals understand that not all curly or coily hair is the same. Some don’t even know the difference.

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What Is Coily Hair?

One mistake that naturals make when determining if their hair is curly or coily is that hair can definitely be both. Hair textures vary in the thickness between each strand. There are three type of hair textures, thick, medium or coarse. There are ways to test your texture with techniques such as the thread test. We’ve also wrote a blog outlining the very best products for low porosity 4c natural hair. The thickness of your hair can help you determine what type of curl structure you have. Thick hair has a tendency to be more curly whereas coarse hair tends to be more coily. 

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The spectrum of curly or coily hair can get pretty broad. Curl pattern also isn’t determined by the density or thickness of your hair. Someone can have thick, bone straight hair or thin coily hair. Curly hair tends to have more s-shaped tresses whereas coily hair is more z-shaped. Depending on how tight these curls are will help give you a better idea of which end of the curly/coily spectrum you fall on.coily hair for women with kinky afro hair

How Can Curly Hair Become Straight Hair

While curly hair can look fierce and bold, it tends to be more fragile and require more care than straight hair. Curly hair, whether coarse, medium or fine is more susceptible to damage the longer it goes without moisture. When curls tend to twist or blend or come out of the curl lock, it can cause additional breakage and splitting to the hair. Curly hair has a tendency to get dry quickly and be prone to frizziness and dryness. Protein treatments are essential to keeping your curly and coily hair as true to its origin as possible. Don’t brush or comb your hair when it’s dry, this should always be done when the hair is damp or during a deep condition to prevent the hair from snapping. Be sure to sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear satin scarf on your head to help keep your natural hair or use our Brazilian blow out extensions to achieve the tame look! Be sure to consider our bone straight hair extensions for the coarse look.

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A good way to determine the health of your hair is to base on feel. If hair that feels hard or rough to the touch may be dry or destroyed. When coily hair is maintained properly the hair will stay tighter and the strands will stay more intact with the curl. The key to maintaining any natural hair style is to keep a good moisturizing routine. Thank you for support KCS we always look forward to our natural hair blog so that women all around the world can use during