New Crochet Curly Hairstyles

New Crochet Curly Hairstyles

Crochet hairstyles are all the wave this summer. Once installed, they are super easy to maintain and can give women a natural-looking protective style without any natural hair let out.

If you’re new to crochet hairstyles, you’re in the right place. This blog post is your destination to learn how to crochet hair? the hairstyles you can do with them. Your options are endless and your style is up to your imagination. Let’s get started, shall we?

All crochet hairstyles start with braiding your natural hair into cornrows. Depending on how thin you make your cornrows will determine how much hair you can apply to your hair.

Once your hair is braided, you will use a crochet hook (hence the name crochet hairstyles) to loop the hair around your braid. The outcome is a seamless style that lets you wear a natural-looking hairstyle without damaging your natural hair.

Crochet hair is the desired go-to for most natural women because it is the least strenuous on your hair. Unlike traditional braids with extensions, the cornrows allow your hair to comfortably support the weight of the hair extensions without tugging on your hair follicle. 

How to Install and Wear Crochet Braids

What you will need:

  • Crochet latch hook (you can find this at your local craft store)
  • A pair of scissors
  • 3 packs of your preferred braiding hair (check out some KCS options here)

Step 1: Lay braid pattern with your natural hair

Crochet hairstyles start with how your braid pattern is laid. Depending on the hairstyle you want to accomplish, may determine which way you should braid your hair.

If you don’t have the right braid pattern, you may not achieve the desired hairstyle once the hair is looped in.

For example, if you’re interested in crocheting a long, curly hair type, but would like a natural part – you’ll want to braid your hair accordingly.

Making sure to braid your hair to make way for the part. Whichever style you use, make sure your braid foundation is solid. If you braid loosely, your hair won’t hold as long. Be sure that they are as flat as possible. Otherwise, the thick, bulky braids will be obvious once the hair extensions are looped in.

Step 2: Prepare the braiding hair

Once you’ve braided your hair, you’ll need to prepare the braiding hair for install. Braiding hair can come in various lengths and sizes depending on packaging. If the hair you have is too long for your desired style, you’ll want to use scissors to trim it down a bit. Once you’re happy with the length, you’ll want to smooth out the hair and lay it somewhere you can easily grab it while looping into your hair. Use your fingers to comb through the hair to help decrease the volume and make it easier for you during application. 

Step 3: Installing your hair

    1. Add the crochet hair bit-by-bit by using a crochet needle
    2. Slide the needle under the cornrow – latched closed.
    3. Open the latch, hook the hair onto the needle and close the latch.
    4. Pull the needle and hair under the cornrow until a medium-sized hoop is formed.
    5. At this point, you should have a loop on one side of the cornrow and ‘tails’ on the other side.
    6. Fold the tails over the cornrow and put them through the loop. Don’t tighten yet.
    7. Twist the loop with your fingers and put the tails through the loop again. Do this one more time. Then pull to tighten and secure the hair.
    8. Your first crochet ‘stitch’ should be secured. Repeat until you’ve covered your whole head.

When installing crochet hair, be sure that your natural hair is moisturized. Keeping your natural hair healthy makes for a successful protective hairstyle. Learn more about the best natural hair products for your hair here.

Most people will elect to use synthetic hair when installing a crochet hairstyle. One, because the hair is cheaper. And two, the hair can be tossed once it is removed. The main drawback on using human hair is that it isn’t dense enough to hold long term on cornrows. Natural hair is much softer than synthetic hair and when wet or conditioned can easily slip off the cornrows. However, you can use natural hair when applying this protective style, with a little extra care. Looking to use natural hair for your protective crochet hairstyle?

Heart-Shaped Crochet Braid Style

Check out this stunning crochet braids with a part in the middle. The hairstyle gets it to shape from the heart-like shape it makes when parted in the middle. This style is perfect for an elegant night out or everyday office wear. 

Crochet Braid Style with Side Parting

This braided style is perfect if side parts are your desired hairstyles. The curls begin at the roots and they extend all the way to the ends. To take this look to the next level you could opt for a bright and bold lip color to make heads turn.

Curly Crochet bundles

If you love the curls of your natural hair, but don’t want to lose them completely – this hairstyle is perfect for you. It’s the perfect mix of elegance and sophistication. This curly style allows you to style it as voluminous as you want. 

Endless Braids

Want a crochet style that’s beyond average? These braids look as if they are coming right from your scalp. You can use a different style knotting technique to give your crochet hairstyle a more natural look.

Curly with Bangs

Do you love bangs? Then this may be the ideal crochet hairstyle for you. It is trendy and voluminous – ideal for a night out with the girls. To keep your bang lasting longer, you may want to use mousse or hairspray to keep your natural let out curly to match your extensions.

Short Brown Braids

Crochet hairstyles don’t always have to belong. You can achieve a cute, chic bob with crochet braiding. You can even opt for layering when installing to give your short hair more body.

Large Crochet Braids

Large crochet braids are a summer favorite. They are easy to maintain and less damaging to your hair than normal box braids. This is a perfect, long-lasting style to keep your natural hair healthy.

U-Part Cornrows

Much like regular sew-in weaves, you are able to apply a u-part. Which allows your natural hair to have some left out so your hair looks as if it was your own. When braiding your hair, leave a second out at the top and proceed to install the crocheted hair. With the let out, you’re able to make this protective style look like it’s growing from your scalp.


The beehive is a traditional up-do that has been a fan favorite for decades. If you’re looking for the easiest crochet hairstyle to wear, this is definitely the top contender. Once you apply the crocheted hair, you can braid the strands and wind up in the shape of a beehive.

Zig Zag

This hairstyle starts much like other crochet braid styles. Rather than braiding all the way back, you will create a zig-zag effect by parting the hair horizontally as you braid back. This is ideal if you’re looking to achieve the knotless crochet braid batter. 

With all these styles, it will be hard not to slay this season. Learn more about other protective hairstyles and how to care for afro curly hair in the blog posts below:

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