Top Crochet Hair Styles For Black Women

The most general technique is braiding your normal hair into cornrows, after which wigs are looped via the cornrows applying a crochet hook. The end outcome is a seamless style that lets you present off bold hairstyles while your natural hair takes a break. 

Heart-Shaped Crochet Braid Style

Check out this stunning crochet braids with a middle parting! The styles heart shape provides the hairdo a clue of romance. Do you want to feel positive at a social community but you cannot select a hairstyle? Look no additional and go for this curly bold hair. It is without a doubt remarkable.

Crochet Braid Style with Side Parting

This amazing crochet braided style with a side parting looks perfect. The curls begin at the roots and they extend all the way to the ends. For an include effect you could opt for a best lipstick color, such as cherry or deep red. This should be ample to turn people’s heads on the street.

Curly Crochet Braids

We love curls because they include a touch of romance to any kind of hairstyle. This hairdo screams elegance and sophistication. Wear it on a regular basis with a relaxed outfit, or switch it up and wear on a pretty black dress. You will look remarkable anyway.

Endless Braids

Offer a twist to your average crochet braids and power them out a bit. Use a brush to create the hairdo appears more voluminous and you will definitely love the end outcome. Own your natural hair and feel like the most perfect woman.

Curly with Bangs

Do you have a high-flying fore head and you would like to hide it? Then you could opt for this best crochet braid hairstyle. It is trendy and voluminous, best for a night out with the girls. To provide a best shape to your curls you should use a bit of mousse, or hairspray. This way you will be capable to enjoy it for an extended period of time.

Short Brown Braids

Just for the reason that you have the shortest hair it does not mean you cannot have crochet braids. You can, and trust it not the style may actually look truly chic. Opt for a layered border too, just to provide the hairstyle an best attraction.

Large Crochet Braids

Apply the hairstyle at an overstated party and let everybody esteem your wonderful specs. If your look has an oval shape, then you could choose for a middle parting to create the hairdo emerges even more sophisticated.

How to Crochet Your Hair

What you will need

  • About 3 packs of your preferred braiding hair
  • A pair of scissors
  • A latch hook

Lay braid pattern with your natural hair

Crochet braids are more of the technique used in making the style than the style itself. The primary vital step when installing crochet braids is to lay a basic pattern with your natural hair on which crotchet braids are going to lie. Your braid pattern matters very much. For example, you can braid your natural hair into cornrows. There are lots of styles and patterns out there to pick from, and each pattern makes a specific effect and brings out a different look. Whichever pattern or style you pick for the foundation, remember to make sure that the braids like flat and that they are too large, bulky or thick.

Prepare the braiding hair

Braiding hair comes in various sizes and lengths in the packing. If it is too long for the look you want to make, you may need to cut it to decrease the length using a pair of scissors. You may also want to decrease the volume into manageable portions that your hands can simply work with.

Installing your braids

Take the latch, unlock it up, and slide it underneath your braid. The installation will generally depend on the style you want as well as the length you favor to get. For little braids, you will want to keep the ends even. On the other hand, for longer hair, you will want to separate the ends of sides that are longer than the other. You can forever fold the hair to the wanted length.

After this, loop the hair into your hook, turn around it, and slide your hair underneath the braid. Then, get rid of your hook, and make a space or opening in the loop using 2 of your fingers. Now, the feed the ends of your hairs via the space you created, and twist the loop, followed by extra feeding of the hair ends into the loop.

At this level, you are nearly done. Pull and safe the loop after feeding the second time and divide the hair into 2 portions. Tie, pull and safe the hair strongly, now repeat the above installation steps until you cover the full head, and you are done.

When installing braids, just bear in mind that there are lots of styles out there that you can experiment on. You only have to make sure that you get it right when selecting and preparing your hair. Checkout best products for low porosity 4c natural hair

Most braids styles are made with synthetic hair. But many people want to know if they can use natural hair. And the reply to that question is yes. Definitely, you can use natural hair for crochet braids.

The issue with using human hair is that it not dense enough to grip the knots needed to safe crochet braids. Natural hair is extremely soft and will come even softer when moisturized or becomes wet. The knots will loosen extremely simply and slip out.

Some hair stylists use nail glue to safe the knots on natural hair. I don’t find that practice to be practical and safe when you factor in the cost of human hair. Either way, we are basically putting a knot in the hair and it cannot be reused. If natural hair is a must have, it might be perfect to use a different protective styling idea such as sew-in weaves, micro braids or tree braids.

styles for natural hair

U-Part Cornrows

With regular sew-in weaves, a u-part braid idea means that you part a u-shaped area of your hair to be left out, ,making a natural looking leave-out. In braids with no leave-out, a u-section can be simulated by braiding ones hair in straight backs, and crossing the braids in the center over one another. This permit for different parts and the slight curve can look more practical than a straight part. Additional, you can target on including more hair on the braids in the u-part during your install, ensuring that your crochet shape looks as natural as possible.


Some braid weavers like this braid style because it is best for ponytails, crochet braid, box braids, and kinky twits, as well as crochet braid trends with bangs. Anyway, the closeness of the braids can make it hard to reach in between to get the almost expected itchy braid scalp. Long On to Kinky Curly Solutions for more.

Zig Zag

Though this style begins off like it is first 2 cousins, rather than braiding all the way straight back, the braids go horizontally back and 4th across the scalp to make separations that are best for a layered appearance. If you are go for a knotless crochet braid pattern that will go around the full head, the zig zag braiding technique may also be best choice because it will give a straight surface on which you can form your “knotless” knots for a  perfect look.

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