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Finding The Best Curly Wigs For Natural Hair

Everything You Need To Know About Afro Kinky Curly Wigs We have found that the most efficient afro kinky curly wigs for women of color. Thanks […]

How To Get Your Natural Bone Straight Hair Without Relaxers

When deciding you want the bone straight hair , you can do so without the use of a relaxer. A hair relaxer chemically replaces the hair […]
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What is the Difference Between Kinky Curly Hair and Coily Hair?

  Determining your hair type can be confusing. What is kinky curly hair? What is coily hair? How do I know if I have kinky hair? […]
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How To Care For Low Porosity For 2019

How Do You Know You have Low Porosity Hair Exactly? Best Curly Wigs For Black Women With Natural Hair Porosity is your hair’s capability to retain […]
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How to Ombre Curly Natural Hair

How To Do Ombre Natural Hair Ombre hair is all the rave this season. Ombre, which is “shaded” in French, describes the shading or lightening of […]