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What Are Box Braids?

Definitely, there was a time not that long ago, when expert African-American women wouldn’t of considered braids as a viable choice for the workplace. 

In the world of fashion, hairstyles come and hair trends go, however African American hairstyles have become an increasingly famous substitute to chemical processing and other hairstyles that need higher maintenance.

Braids or plaits are formed when 3 or more strands of hair are layered one over the other until the braid or box braids have reached the wanted length. Different affects can be got by using odd mixtures of hair strands, or by weaving multiple braids combine.

Today hair has become more of a style statement than anything else, but the sheer range of African hairstyles permit one to pick and select what is perfect for them, or even gather styles to make new and amazing creations.

Types of African Box Braid Hairstyles For 2017

We have selected a few of the most famous African hairstyles as examples of what can be done.

Cornrows – cornrows are probably the most general type of braiding, even for those with little hair. They don’t need a particular length of hair, and you do not need extensions to make them look best. These little, even are crated near to the scalp and can be arranged in the general front-to-back straight lines or they can be used to make circular or even zigzags pattern.

Micros – Micros are made when the hair is braided into amazing thin plaits. These can be short or long, depending on preference. When the hair is long the weft can then be used to make up dos or put into ponytails.

Marley Hair – An amazing option for coarse hair, straight weft can be done in different ways, tying the braids up or fish tails combine to make a ponytail or even leading the braids straight to be dropped around the shoulders.

Up do – the wefted up do take generally long and tight locks and pinned up into hard patterns. The downside of braided up do is that long extensions or hair are required to make this style amazingly. Our goal is provide top quality coarse yaki human hair bundles on this remarkable page.

Not issue what type of function you are going to, or what is your dressing style, African  hairstyles provide a big range of choices for versatile hairstyles.

Do Box Braids Grow Hair?

When hair is ponytailed in any technique, there is very low possibility that it will be controlled into a hairstyle. By making hair and controlling it continually through mechanicals means, dead ends from hair crack are promoted.

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This can be stopped in the high run by washing hair while it is in style, and also not quickly will get back this hair style once it is get out of box braids. This hair style should be saved in no higher than two months at a time. Hair still grows generally as it if was not braided, anyway, the general human loses fifty hairs a day, not including plus hairs that break off or are pulled out from hair manipulation.

Moisturizing the hair with daily oil treatments and famous conditioners while they are in will support the hair to stay wet and will also reduce any chances of it damaging off when the braids are get rid of. By cleaning the scalp on a daily basis, such as 2 to 3 times a month, and using oils, the damp content of the hair saves the locks from becoming brittle.

How Do I Get Them To Grow My Hair?

It is recommended that you use 100% human hair that looks and feels like your own. if you visit the navi bar at the top you see a wide selection of subtle options!

African hair braiding with cornrows are famous in chill months as well as hot months for the reason that they are versatile and low-maintenance. They keep the hair from excessive brushing, combing, and styling and support get rid of hair breakage.

Hair-styling instruments such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers can hair dry and lead hair damage if not applied rightly.

Long weft can be made with human hair extensions and free bulk hair in several shades. The longer the length of the braided hairstyle, the simple it is to wear it in a bun, updo, or ponytail.

The various kinds of styles:

  • Philly
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Umbrella

Weaves can cause hair loss

A study was done that presented that braids and hair weaving causing balding in black women.

Apparently the ideas used to keep the hair unit in place such as glue, thread, or tape can pull on the natural hair, get rid of it from the scalp when the hair portion of taken out.

The hair portion will grow again but it will take some time. Also, very important oils can make a large difference if messaged into the balding region.

How can I style and wash Box Braids

This style provides freedom and can last up to 2 months at a time. However that does not mean all care goes out of the window! You are wearing box braids; you still need to cleanse your hair – mainly if you will be wearing them for the long time. This makes sure that your scalp would not become overloaded with buildup, become irritated and get itchy. Here is how you can wash your hair with box braids if you are not sure how this jobs:

Dilute the conditioner and shampoo that you will be using

Conditioner or shampooing may be more challenging to get rid of. Dilute your conditioner and shampoo of choice by: getting 2 empty spray bottles, filling them up halfway with water, and then including a few squirts of your shampoo to single bottle and conditioner to the other.

Target on adding shampoo to your scalp

Your scalp requires the relief the buildup the most, which is why you will begin by targeting most of your efforts there. Take your diluted shampoo combination and use to your scalp area by selection. With your fingertip, rub the shampoo onto your scalp. Be calm with your roots in order to reject frizz. You can now get the latest facts about our – afro kinky curly wigs on this page.


You can now go to the sink or your shower to rinse the shampoo out of your hair. Be sure to rinse fully.


Spray the conditioner blend on the length of your hair. Let it set for at least five minutes or so then rinse.

Eliminate frizz:

Use lightweight gel or foaming wrap lotion to places where the twists have frizzed and around your corner. Cover with scarf at least fifteen minutes. Get rid of and you will notice the frizz is gone.

Get rid of excess water:

Press and squeeze your hair out first. Then cover with towel and let it set for ten minutes. It will take a couple of hours for your hair to dry fully.

Include shine:

This step is optional but for more twist styles/natural using Marley hair, for example, it may be very important.  Use natural ingredient spray oil, like Seal & Shine Jane Carter Solution, to include luster to your style. Source Credit To :