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The Best Kinky Curly Hairstyles In 2018

Hottest Kinky Curly Weave Hair Extensions & Pictures

If you’re a natural on the go, you know how essential and reliable the wash-and-go is. You also know this isn’t the most protective style to keep your hair strong and healthy throughout the year.

That’s where  Curly Clip-In Extensions come in. They are the perfect compliment to your everyday hair routine. Looking to do a quick updo?


What Is Afro Kinky Hair 2019?

The natural Afro Kinky Hair is famous as the most fragile and delicate texture of hair on the plante. This type of hair requires tender care and gentle handling if you want to flourish and grow your hair. It is important for you to maintain a proper diet with hair...

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Type 4 Hair: The Perfect Wash & Go

  For more information be sure to visit our post covering naturally 4C. Understanding Type 4 Natural Hair  Hello Beautiful People! Is it possible make your hair go from kinky to curly. Yes, absolutely, however you can not change your curl pattern. So for instance you...

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Transitioning To Your Natural Hair Journey

Transitioning To Natural Hair - Embracing Your Journey During the transitioning process you already have a combination of 2 hair types: your relaxed ends and your natural hair. Texturizes, hair dye, and straightening will additional prolong your transition and make it...

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4c Hair 101

    How To Care For 4C Natural Hair Utilizing Products For 2017 Amazing shiny tresses are every woman’s dream. With new, costly hair products being launched everyday it can be hard to sift through all of them to find the ideal ones for 4c hair. Extreme usage of...

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How Can I Make My Natural Hair Grow Faster?

  Every natural growing their hair out wants it to happen as fast as possible. Most know it doesn’t happen overnight. However, there are steps you can take to ensure your hair is in the optimum shape to grow. We’ve listed a few key tips to make your hair healthy....

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Differences Between Kinky Curly Hair & Coily Hair?

  Determining your hair type can be confusing. What is kinky curly hair? What is kinky hair? How do I know if I have kinky hair? How do I know if I have curly hair? The list goes on. There are a variety of textures, curl patterns, porosity levels and densities that...

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Finding The Best Curly Wigs For Natural Hair

Everything You Need To Know About Afro Kinky Curly Wigs We have found that the most efficient afro kinky curly wigs for women of color. Thanks ladies for the most amazing 4a & 4b texture hair. You’ve decided on the natural hair style you want and you’re ready to get...

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Caring For 4A & 4B Afro Kinky

How To Manage & Style Afro Kinky Curly / 4B & 4A Hair Finding the best afro kinky human hair can be challenging to find an easy prep and daily grooming routine that will keep your hair healthy and moisturized. Most women resort to protective styles and other up-dos to...

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Reasons to love Kinky Curly Solutions

learn more about natural hair extensions now.


Handcrafted hair extensions that blend perfectly with your natural curls and kinks.


Our elite customer experience team is here to help you achieve your best hair day.


We proudly ship all around the world. Wherever you are, we’ll be there too.


We offer the largest variety of textures and product types to meet your every need.

Don’t just take our word for it, try natural hair extensions for your next learn about bundles, bulk hair for crochet styles, afro kinky hair braids, wigs, clip-ins and closures. We can custom make lace frontals and lace wigs upon request. Not sure where to start? Try our best selling kinky

Best Sources On Where To Buy Kinky Hair

Don’t settle for cheap extensions that don’t match your curly crown. Keep the illusion alive with some of the best kinky curly hair extensions on the market. Our extensions are affordable, easy to wear and can be used over a prolonged period of time. At Kinky Curly Hair Solutions are goal is to make our customers radiate with confidence. The best way we know how is to provide naturals with seamless extensions that will have people asking if that’s their real hair. Go ahead and tell them that it is – we won’t tell.

What goes into the making of our curly extensions?

Why Kinky Hair Extensions?

What goes into the making of our curly extensions? It really starts with our Kinky Curly Hair Specialists. They’ve worked with a variety of vendors to find 100% real human hair that can stand the test of everyday wear. We took the time to listen to our customers and understand their hair types and styling pain points.

That’s why when we were looking for the best human hair on the market we made sure to look for strong hair with healthy hair cuticles. We also expanded our offering to include afro kinky.