Full To Half Wigs For Natural Hair

Each type of wig is characterized by a particular texture and come in multiple patterns including deep wave, wavy, straight or tight curly and straight.


Afro Kinky

Since the introduction of afro kinky curly, it’s been a demand for adding natural hair closure that matches your exact hair type.


Natural Hair Clip Ins

KinkyCurlySolutions.com aims to provide it’s customers with HIGH END SEW INS that are made entirely with 100% unprocessed hair


The Products

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Voted Most Best Natural Hair Extensions In 2017

KinkyCurlySolutions.com aims to provide it’s customers with HIGH END SEW INS!!  that are made entirely with 100% unprocessed hair. Our bundles have been designed for African American women seeking weft textures such as 3c, 4a, 4b and 4c

In addition to our locks, our wigs and natural clip extensions are simply fabulous!!! and leave so many people asking you “Is that your real hair!!!???”

Our products range in lengths of 8″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24″ 26″ 28″ to 30″  inch bundles. So many ladies have found that our kinky straight clip ins  aka Brazilian blow out is ideal for easy to manage when styling.

Go Get Up!! N GO STYLES: If your a busy person and want something that’s always going to always look fresh and not worn like MOST Vendors, rest assured that your dealing with the leaders in extensions for natural hair.

Our goal has and will always be to provide TOP QUALITY!!! We are committed to providing reasonable prices and NEXT LEVEL customer care in 2017!!!

Amazing Perm Yaki Why Deny Yourself the slay?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic INCREASE in the natural MOVEMENT!!! with ladies seeking to improve the quality and definition of their tresses. Our Brazilian locks enriches our lovely ladies to craft their own desired slay at affordable prices without reducing quality in each package.

The Best Afro Kinky Curly Weave Online // Innovated With The Latest Hairstyles of 2017

Our popular kinky curly weave sew ins & closures have minimal shedding and prompts natural hair growth – Learn more THICK FULL BUNDLES!! of natural black blends exceptionally well upon installation. Please be aware that TOP natural hair brands shorten extensions to conserve the density of each package!!! REST ASSURED!!! With us, you will only receive THE VERY BEST ONLINE!!

KinkyCurlySolutions.com hair has little to NO TANGLE When your locks arrive you will notice that the weft will include wash instructions and more.

What Textures Do We Specialize In?

So if you have any questions about ordering feel free to contact us now. You will receive a rapid response within 24 hours or less. We now offer all of our tresses in closures that will fit your hair style perfectly. If your wondering “how many packs you need?” most African American women with natural hair  usually require 2 to 4 packs.

Why You Should Choose KCS?

So many women have told us about their wonderful experiences using our products. We feel obliged, to help spark the motivation to improve the quality standard of Brazilian remy. We now offer international shipping to our clients abroad.

Our Afro Human Hair Used In This Video!

Choose the appropriate Full To Half Wigs For Natural Hair:

A Black women’s hair extensions can range in different types of textures of weave that can suit just about any texture. The most sought after types of wigs are Eurasian, Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian, and Brazilian hair.

Each type of wig is characterized by a particular texture and come in multiple patterns including deep wave, wavy, straight or tight curly and straight.

Various Hair Types

Yaki Textures

Coarse hair is required after quite a bit because of its multi-objective texture. This hair blends effortlessly with Black women, natural and relaxed as well as medium, straight hair textures. yaki is free flowing, lightweight and luxurious.

Indian Textures

Indian hair has the strongest feel. It matches most natural ladies since Indian hair is extremely textured and comes with an extremely natural luster. virgin hair comes in a range of styles such as tight curly, wavy, and straight.

Malaysian Textures

Malaysian hair is extremely soft. It blends top with relaxed textures and girls with very perfect, silky hair. It is very manageable and has luster of its own. The hair is extremely soft and full of luster.

Mongolian Bundles

The Mongolian texture is very silky, thick, smooth and best for relaxed braiding kinky hair.

Brazilian Bundle Deals

Brazilian hair is one of the top textures for African American ladies. The texture is very thick, very full and just flat out remarkable.


Best Protective Styles & Advice Online
Do want to wear the hair straight most of the time? Do you want hair that you can wear curl and straight? (You would not want to purchase synthetic hair because generally, you cannot curl it). Do you want it short or long? (The wanted length determines how many inches you purchase). 10-12 inches is approximately shoulder length of most people. Be sure to checkout our list of the top 20 protective hair styles for women with long and short natural textures here.
What is your hair type?
If you plan on leaving some of your hair out and linking it with the weave that may determine what kind of hair you get as well. Don’t get silky – silky hair if you have 4Z type hair because it is going to be trouble to blend. You will end up flat ironing your hair everyday and destroying your hair. You also want to get a color that is the same shade as your hair. If your hair is black don’t get weave blonde because I promise, you will look a mess. Anyway, if you are getting a full weave or closure then the color and texture would not issue. Visual Hair Typing Chart – What is My Hair Type 3c 4a 4b
What is the price range?
We aim to ensure that our clients get the very best bundle deals available. We now offer free shipping on our various products and prices can range from $50 and up, spending on the style of hair you prefer.
How long do you want it to last?

Are you only looking for curly style that you are going to wear a few weeks? It costs approximately ten bucks a pack. If you are looking for something long term you many want to purchase hundred percent human hair or even kinky remy hair if you want to last even longer. We’ve seen our customer sustain their hair for well over one year with proper care and maintenance.

If you plan on wearing your best weave hair for African Americans and you want it to last through multiple installs you are going to want to go with a superior standard Remy hair from an honest vendor. Yes, it is much costly but if the above qualifications are yours, then this is the route you want to go.

How To Properly Use Our Weave To Grow Your Locks.
If you are interested in growing longer, excellent natural textured hair with extensions, here are the ideas:

  • Find a professional stylish with a remarkable rep. if you select a new stylish, select one who is knowledgeable about rightly installing extensions, and who knows the significance of keeping your hair fit underneath the install. Don’t go for the affordable person merely because they are cheapest.  
  • Do ensure that any braids used for the install are not too installed too strongly. With a braid wig, the creator should ensure that the foundation is braided safe, but you should not feel any hurt once it is in position. With individual weaves, some braiders like braid strongly beginning from the scalp. This is the definite way of experiencing hair loss. The place where the extensions primary meets the scalp should be safe but should not be pulled taut. You could destroy the hair follicles, and finish up with traction alopecia. This is a term for loss hair that is linked with hairdos that are too strongly pulled ripping your hair out from roots and destroying the follicles.
  • Glue may seem like a remarkable option due to its capability to permit you to place hair extension tracks close to your scalp, resulting in hair that looks like it is rising from your scalp. The issue is that the glue is one of the largest culprits in hair loss for women. Glue can stick to your scalp and hair, and you could end up ripping out your own hair in additional to the hair weave. The chemicals in some glues may destroy your scalp and hair both.
  • Without moisturizing or cleansing, the hair will become weak and eventually damage fully. Deep condition your hair prior to installation so that your hair is its healthiest and strongest. Moisturize your natural hair daily with natural moisturizing and emollients conditioners while it is weaved up. Ensure to save your hair at night with bonnets or silk scarves.
  • If your hair is destroyed and weak, don’t install the extensions until you can better its condition. Don’t keep your hair extensions in for longer than 3 months, less if your hair grows quick or if it is very thick. Keep extensions in for too long outcomes in breakage, tangling, and matting.
  • Use the top standard hair that you can afford. Affordable hair is often made of filter that can cause allergic reactions in those with responsive skin.
  • As you can view, there are several options for adding a volume, length and excellence to your hair via hair extensions. Talk with your stylish which method will job best for you and your lifestyle and have thrill and rocking enhanced look.

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